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Polarization of Genders  acrylic 66x72"

Ghost Dance'  acrylic  68"x48

20 Month Uncertain Love' acrylic  30"x40

The Omnipotent'  Acrylic  30" x 68

Goyathlay (Geronimo) 7/27/1886'  acrylic  66"x72'

Alice Hong'   Acrylic 30" x 40

Alice In between Yin Yang'  Acrylic  30" x 40

'Demons at the Garden Gate' 

Acrylic 66" x 72" 

Adolph's Secret' Acrylic 30"x40

'Jenna Jiang'  Acrylic 30" x 40"


'He Died For His Sins'

Acrylic  16" x 39"


Margarita'  Acrylic  30" x 40

'Julia' Acrylic 30" x 40"


'Self Portait'  Acrylic  40" x 40"





'Zhu Sangsang'   acrylic  18"x24"








'Shakti'  Acrylic 30"x40" Creator of manifestation of the Universe 2012

Geronimo in progress 2012

Painting and Sculpture by Patrick Sarisky, Eminence Meadows. A professional artist for over 45 years doing both sculpture (wood carving and bronze casting) and painting (oil and acrylic).

My work has been shown at the American Crafts Museum in NYC, Contemporary Sculpture at Chesterwood 2003 (Stockbridge, MA) and has won multiple awards at both the Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit (NYC) and the Cooperstown Art Show (Cooperstown, NY). The body of work done over the past four decades is in both private and corporate art collections. Like the shifting seasons, Eminence Meadows is home to both Horticulture and Art.

Waiting for the Fly Bronze, indoor/outdoor 77 1/2" tall, 31" wide, unique (one of a kind) The form for Waiting for the Fly was inspired by the beautiful and sculptural flower spiders that perch on the tops of summer blooming perennials in Eminence. Its scale was determined by antique ice tongs (its arms).
Waiting for the Fly
Close Up View
Waiting for the Fly
Full View

In My Father's Image (Genetic Hand-Me-Down) - monolithical American black walnut with worked bronze casting of artist's face, indoor, 33" high, 23" wide. Artistic statement on genetic baggage.
In My Father's Image

Organic Geometric Abstract Bronze, indoor/outdoor,63" tall, 24" wide, unique. A pure abstract form.
Dancing Plant Form

Dancing Plant Form - Bronze, indoor/outdoor 43 1/2" tall, 18" wide, limited edition Like it's name, Dancing Plant Form is a complex unity of simplistic plant forms, leaves with seeds on a crescent form.

Woman in Bud Bronze, indoor/outdoor, 37" tall, 27" wide, limited edition, naturalist's icon of the Earth extending herself to us thru nature's offering of beauty.

Full view of sculpture
Moon Howl
- monolithical American black walnut, bronze components (head and hooves), welded steel base, indoor, 64" tall, 16" wide, unique Moon Howl is wild, mysterious and sensual. Not for the timid.

<  Full view of Moon Howl > Close-up view of Moon Howl  

Bronze casting of original, limited edition, slightly smaller than original, bluestone base, indoor-outdoor

Close-up view of sculpture

'Gabriel and Diabolo'
Acrylic  72" x 66"
A synergy of Paganism and Christianity for 2012

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'Flux of Life'
Textured Acrylic 66" x 72"

Flux of Life

'12 Hour Borderline'
Oil 31" x 41"

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'Almost Monochrome Snake'
Acrylic 21" x 69"

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'Yin and Yang
in the Contemporary World
Acrylic 41" x 53"

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'Celtic View'
Oil 30"x 40"

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Acrylic 39" x 57"

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'French Pumpkins'
Acrylic 30"x 40"

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'Hui Quian'
Oil & Acrylic 23" x 34"

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'Carne de Mare'
Acrylic 21" x 69"

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Close-up View

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'3-Ring Circus of
Molecular Structure
Acrylic 42" x 54"

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