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Hosta Plants A - D

Eminence Meadows list of Hosta plants A - D is an offering of many hardy perennials that are beautiful in both flower and foliage. From the 4" flowers of 'Diana Remembered' to the beautiful streaked foliage of 'Blizzard', these hardy hostas have a lot to offer.

Bridal Falls

Hosta Description
Size     Price
A large, stately upright growing hosta with heart-shaped leaves that have irregular gray-green centers and wide golden-green margins, very attractive.
L Variegated Bare Rooted $20
Alvatine Taylor
Rapid growing elongated blue leaves with gold margin, corrugated.
L Variegated In Container $10
This beautiful hosta has large heart-shaped leaves that have a clean white center with a chartreuse overlay where the center and green margin overlap. Its striking coloration and fast growth rate make this a choice hosta.
L Variegated In Container $15
 Sensational dwarf-sized mound of bright yellow leaves in spring turning apple-green in summer. MI Solid Color In Container $12
An attractive small green-centered Hosta with striking, wide, white margins. S Variegated In Container $12
The very large round leaves of this impressive hosta are whitish blue and are very pleasing to the eye.
L Solid Color Bare Rooted $15
Round, deep blue leaves, cupped and heavily puckered.
L Solid Color Bare Rooted $12
Broad green leaves are edged with a wide gold margin.
L Variegated Bare Rooted $18
Large, thick, puckered blue leaves 5' clump.
L Solid Color Bare Rooted $12
A Tokudama aureonebulosa seedling that has a very puckered blue-green center and nice yellow edge.
M Variegated In Container $15
Heavily textured, narrow, pointed blue leaves.
M Solid Color Bare Rooted $12
Exceptionaly beautiful, this new Hosta has thick, spade shaped, glaucous leaves that have a very wide white margins with bright blue margins.   M Variegated Bare Rooted $15
Blue Moon
Very blue, small, rounded leave, very attractive.
S Solid Color Bare Rooted $10
Blue Mouse Ears
Very blue leaves with white edges.
S Variegated In Container $15
Very attractive tokudama type, more blue than aureonebulosa.
M Solid Color Bare Rooted $14
Metallic blue, wedge shapes leaves with wavy edges.
M Solid Color Bare Rooted $12
Bottom Line
Huge dark green leaves are edged with white on one side.
XL Variegated Bare Rooted $12
Large, round, puckered powder blue leaves. Very beautiful.
L Solid Color Bare Rooted $12
This stunning new Hosta forms large mounds of cascading heart shaped leaves with pie crust waves that are green with pale yellow to creamy white centers and deeply impressed veins. Quite beautiful!  Availble mid-August 2013. L Variegated In Container $15
Heavily textured and puckered leaves, yellow with blue margins.
M Variegated In Container $14
A stunning hosta that has large, heavily corrugated gold leaves with a wide dark green margin. Quite spectacular!
L Variegated In Container $18
Cupped, very blue leaves, tokudama type.
M Solid Color Bare Rooted $12
Captain Kirk
A sport of Gold Standard, this attractive hosta has wide dark green margins with a wide golden center.
M Variegated In Container $12
Spectacular 1' tapered dark green leaves with white centers cascading downward.
M Variegated In Container $18

Cat and Mouse

The thick leaves of this medio-variegated sport of 'Blue Mouse Ear' have a chartreuse interior circled by an uneven blue-green margin.    Variegated In Container $18
Broadly heart-shaped, corrugated green leaves with gold margins.
M Variegated In Container $12
A unususal hosta whose large eliptical golden leaves hover close and horizontial to the ground.
L Solid Color Bare Rooted $20
A stunning large hosta that grows into a vigorous clump of bright yellow wedge shaped leaves with  wonderful rippled edges L Solid Color In Container $15
Dark Shadows
Thick heart-shaped blue leaves with an uneven chartreuse-yellow margin and a gently ruffled edge makes this large Hosta most desirable.
L Variegated In Container $15
Gold center with wide dark green margin, heavily corrugated with thick substance.
M Variegated In Container $18
Don Stevens
Glossy dark green foliage with creamy yellow to white margins.
M Variegated In Container $12

** Aristocrat has plant Patent number 11286

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