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Sargent Pepper

Hostas are native to China, Korea and Japan and form about 20 or more species. Two of those species are found in the Islands of Japan. There, two thirds of the land is steep mountainous terrain and cannot be used for agriculture or habitation. The heavy shade of the mountains forbids normal vegetable crops so farmers there grow, sell and cook hosta as a vegetable crop. Marinated hosta petioles anyone?

Migrant hostas have found a new kingdom in the United States and especially in the past four decades the quality of the hybridization work done here has brought hostas to an astonishing level of diversity and beauty. Eminence Meadows offers some of the finest of these varieties available, both new and old.

Hosta Description
Size     Price
This very attractive hosta has gold margins surrounding  the medium to dark green centers.
M Variegated In Container $15
Thick, glossy butter-yellow leaves with an emerald green edge, vigorous growth.
S Variegated In Container $18
A large upright hosta that has glowing yellow irregular centers with light green margins, very attractive.
L Variegated Bare Rooted $15
Small-medium hosta with red stems and green lance-shaped leaves, that also show hints of red around the base. Blooms late with lavender flowers on tall purple-red scapes.
M Solid Color In Container $12
This revolutionary new colored, fast growing small hosta has wide dark green margins with a white center that is speckled with green, very nice.
S Variegated In Container $12
A distinctive addition to the hosta garden with its rounded, deep blue leaves surrounded by a wide yellow margins.
L Variegated Bare Rooted $18
Roy Klehm
New Hosta Quite striking, this beautiful Hosta has an upright vase-shaped habit with yellow leaves framed by dark green margins.
L Variegated In Container $18
Saint Paul
New Hosta Saint Paul This beautiful Hosta has creamy-white centered leaves with wide blue margins.
M Variegated In Container $15
Another classic hosta variety with bright green leaves margined in deep golden-yellow. One of the best.
XL Variegated Bare Rooted $15
A hard to find, unique Hosta having rounded leaves that have very wide yellow margins with a light green center, very nice!
M Variegated Bare Rooted $18
Dark green with a broad irregular gold margin, great hosta.
M Variegated Bare Rooted $15
Heavily streaked, multi-colored foliage.
XL Variegated Bare Rooted $35
Sherburne Swan
Thick substance and brilliant blue foliage.
L Solid Color In Container $15
Solar Flare
Said to be the largest gold leaved hosta. It is quite a impressive plant but very hard to find.
L Solid Color Bare Rooted $15
Spacious Skies
An upright growing hosta with foliage that is brilliant blue with white backs.
L Solid Color In Container $22
White streaks and splashes spill over green heart shaped leaves.
M Variegated Bare Rooted $15
Gold center, wide green margin with white line in between.
M Variegated Bare Rooted $18
A lovely small hosta plant that has dark green centered leaves margined in gold.
S Variegated In Container $14
Chartreuse to gold.
XL Solid Color Bare Rooted $10
A fast growing golden hosta variety that is very sun tolerant and attractive.
L Variegated In Container $18
Sunny Delight
Luminescent gold foliage.
M Solid Color In Container $15
Sun Worshiper
This bright yellow Hosta with truly red petioles and glossy ovate leaves will brighten the spring garden. With its good substance the yellow color holds well all season. S-M Solid Color In Container $15
This medium sized hosta has attractive green margined leaves with gold centers on long stems.
M Variegated In Container $18

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