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USA Plant Zones The Hosta

Hosta are currently the most popular herbaceous perennial used for landscaping in the United States. No other shade plant comes in such a wide variety of shapes, color and sizes.

If your looking for information, suggestions and conversation about Hosta then the Hosta Forum may be a useful site for you to visit.

Our hosta are grown in both raised beds and in containers. Raised bed grown hosta are sold as 1 or 2 eye divisions and shipped bare rooted. Container grown hostas are both newer and older varieties of hosta which mostly have been grown for several years.

If your looking for very large specimen sized plants or larger clumps please send an email for what your looking for and I will get back to you ASAP!

Hosta are shipped from mid-May until September, weather permitting.

A to Z hosta pages We have divided our hosta selection into 5 alphabetical pages to make it easier to navigate. Hosta names that are an active link, have photos. Please use your back button to return after viewing the images.

Eminence Meadows Hosta List Key
Size (see table below)
XL = Extra Large L = Large
M = Medium S = Small
mi = Miniature
Hosta Plant Color
K1 = K1 Variegated
K1 = K2 Solid
How shipped
K2 = In Container
K2 = Bare Rooted
Table of Relative Hosta Sizes
Hosta Size Leaf Blade
AHS Cut-Leaf Show rules
Foliage Height
Mature Plant
Dwarf Less than 2 square inches Less than 4 inches
Miniature 2 to 6 square inches 4 to 6 inches
Small 6 to 25 square inches 6 to 10 inches
Medium 25 to 81 square inches 10 to 18 inches
Large 81 to 144 square inches 18 to 28 inches
Giant Greater than 144 square inches Greater than 28 inches

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